Massey, Moggies and more…

I’ve been a bit distracted the last couple of days as I’ve been putting together another blog.  ‘MasseyMoggies and More’…its just a bit of harmless fun.  As I only work morning, and my poor husband has to work all day, I occasionally send him email updates from home, pertaining to our beasts.  I thought they’d be quite interesting as a blog.

Also, its been a difficult couple of days, physically.  Work has been draining ‘cos I’m in pain and finding it difficult sitting typing for five hours.  Some temp jobs are a bit more varied but this one is really boring.  I’m in the Oncology dept. which is already a difficult specialty, but I’m not even doing real typing, just editing letters typed by voice recognition software; Winscribe®.  The system is a bit shit but then again there are so many different nationalities and accents its hard enough, as a human being, trying to figure out what they are saying.  In addition, the medical terminology, names of medications, patients names etc. just adds to the difficulty.  Some of what it writes is hilarious, its a shame we don’t have more time to enjoy it, but the pressure of work is almost unbearable.  They have reduced support staff to the bear minimum whilst at the same time increasing the clinic numbers and number of clinicians.  The only reason the Trust are moving over to Winscribe® is to save money.  Downgrading the secretaries role means they will be able to pay less and drop the banding.  Its a bloody disgrace what this government, and its lackeys are getting away with.

Unfortunately, the NHS is fucked.  This Tory government has taken this country for a ride; it continues to make the top 1% richer by making the poor pay for them.  I don’t know how they get away with it.  Well I do, the world is full of stupid people who act like sheep (following the herd) and are happy to live like mushrooms (left in the dark and fed shit)!  Its quite depressing really.  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to watch or read the news; even though the mainstream media (MSM) are not reporting the truth.  There is however a lot of stuff online, but it is more depressing knowing the truth is being covered up and we are being manipulated; you almost want to believe the sanitised, white wash of the MSM because it is less disheartening.  Either way it really fucks with your psyche; to have no voice, no power and no way of changing anything is quite crippling.  I keep racking my brains to find ways of fighting back or to accept the inevitable, but I feel caught between two extremes.  I’ve always felt my thoughts are a little schizophrenic and exhausting.  

The only remedy I’ve been able to come up with so far, is to become a member of the Labour Party and support Corbyn’s vision of a more compassionate future.  Where utilities are back in public ownership and the wealth is shared.