It has been a year and a half…

…since I last contributed to this blog.  A lot has changed but also a lot has stayed the same.  The biggest change is I feel mentally more stable; a little happier and generally feeling a lot better.  I’m not sure if this is due to my passing through the menopause, attending the gym for the past two months, to swim, or something else.  I no longer seem to experience the dark, deep depressions and, although my husband still bugs the hell out of me, I no longer feel like killing him on an hourly basis.  This in part is due to changes he has made to his life; he still suffers with anxiety and depression but seems to be dealing with it in a more proactive way.  Therefore, I no longer feel like his carer and I now have more time to take better care of myself; like signing up to the gym.  I think sometimes you have to reach the bottom of a deep, dark hole before you start coming out!!

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