…housework will just have to wait.

Its been a strange couple of days.  We’ve had to take one of our cats, for the second time, to the vets as she’s acting a little subdued.  I don’t think the first shot she got was long enough (48-hrs), she’s now been given a 2-week antibiotic and a worming tablet.  I feel we have single-handedly paid for the vet’s new car or holiday this year.  With four cats, two of which are sickly, we end up going to the vet quite a lot; three trips last week cost us >£150.  Thank goodness for credit cards!!

She was really good at the vet, I think because she was feeling quite poorly.  This morning I got up thinking she’d be more her normal self but unfortunately she is still quite subdued.  She’s not eaten much but she did go out into the back garden for a quick sniff about.  Thankfully she’s sleeping openly in the lounge; the last few days she’s hidden herself in a corner.  I’m hoping this is the first glimpse of recovery.  Poor wee Popi, I don’t want to disturb her while she is poorly, the housework will just have to wait.

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