…being an uneducated ball-crusher only takes you so far

What a day! It didn’t start well ‘cos I had a bad night’s sleep.  Woke up in a very depressed and anxious state around 3:00AM.  My body was all achey and my face felt like it had fallen off my skull and was numb.  I unintentionally woke Dave up, we ended up having a bit of a war of words.  Me trying to explain how I was feeling, begging him to try and understand and all the while creating more stress and anxiety in him which resulted in me having to back-off as usual.  I don’t think either of us got much sleep after that until about twenty minutes before the alarm went off when we were both in a deep sleep, typical.

When we got to work it wasn’t much better.  Good Bal and Bad Bal in my office had a ding-dong over nothing, but the atmosphere it created was shit.  Dave phoned a little after this, just before lunch, to say he’d been called into another meeting with his manager which resulted in his having a full-on panic attack at work.  His manager, a 26 year-old suffering with special snowflake syndrome, thinks she knows it all, and has made, what I think, was an error of judgement trying to discipline Dave over nowt.

She’s been getting at him for a couple of days now about his screen breaks because of his dodgy eyes, they’re rugby ball shaped instead of regular round (keratoconus) keratoconusand because he had the gaul to stand up to her.  Apparently, she doesn’t like how he talked to her, so she’s enlisted his ex-manager, Carol (who’s also a cow) as a chaperone to help concoct some phoney problem.  What is with these new junior managers, they get a little bit of power which goes straight to their egos and makes them think they can treat the rest of us like toddlers.  Don’t they know people respond better to encouragement rather than a bollocking.  They seem so committed to impressing the  next over-inflated numpty in the hierarchy they lose all sense of reason and perspective.  They do not care about the unnecessary damage they inflict on their way to the top, which invariably they will never reach ‘cos nine times out of ten, they do not possess the necessary skills; being an uneducated ball-crusher only takes you so far.

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