With the addition of Costa Coffee the gentrification of Perry Barr is complete!!

Another work day over, thankfully.  I was not looking forward to going in this morning after yesterday’s stressed-out, frustrated day.  Despite having a rant at the manager about the pressure I’m under there appears little they can, or are even prepared to, do.  It is very difficult for me and my colleagues to remain positive and committed especially when the management team and the consultants do not seem at all bothered about the place.  Last week we took a very large bundle of referrals to the clinic for triaging; some have been sitting there since early January.  We went back down to clinic this morning to find them all sat there without having been looked at.  Its hard to even comprehend this; by avoiding triaging the referrals the consultants are making the patients (and the secretary’s) suffer unnecessarily.  Maybe if they had to deal with the telephone abuse they would be more understanding – or perhaps not.  After all their egos are more important than the little people they serve.  I need to find a way of not letting it get to me, after all no-one really cares; the world will keep on spinning irrespective of what gets done or not!

After work I decided to pop into One Stop on the way home, its been a long time since I’ve been there and I’d read recently that Costa Coffee had opened up.  Thought I’d  check it out so me and Dave could pop down when we are in desperate need.  This will be the easiest and closest Costa to our house!! Anyway, I parked up and had a wee wander inside the mall.  True enough there is going to be a Costa but it won’t open until Spring, when is that exactly??  Looks like I’ll have to go back on a regular basis to see when it opens up.  I was starving after my busy morning and we wander round so I picked up a Chicken Fajita sandwich from Asda for lunch.  I admit I wasn’t expecting anything great but it was actually quite nice.


One Stop Shopping, Perry Barr

With the addition of Costa Coffee the gentrification of Perry Barr is complete!!

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