Dashboard, smash-board; bane of my f***ing life!!

Just finished 10 minutes of mediation; managed to stay awake for half of it. Result!!  Feeling a little mellow now.  It was a very stressful day at work, I’m struggling under the sheer volume of work.  I am a locum medical secretary, currently working part-time in the ENT department of the city hospital.  It is a f***ing shambles.  There’s   no doubt the NHS is on its knees, government underfunding has certainly taken its toll but where I work the problems are exacerbated by recruiting management positions from a very small gene pool of existing staff.  In fact, the vast majority of positions are recruited internally.  Is it any wonder the place is going to the dogs.  The place needs an injection of new talent but the recruitment process is heavily weighted in favour of existing staff.  There are no qualified HR representatives on the selection panels so invariably friends of friends, children of parents, aunties and uncles are getting all the good jobs.  Very occasionally jobs get advertised externally but these positions usually get filled by ex-employees who left believing things would be better at another hospital etc.  At 53, I feel I am working harder than I ever have in my life; harder but not smarter (not through lack of trying).  I feel the working environment has changed quite a lot, before you were given a certain amount of autonomy and responsibility but nowadays you are micromanaged, bullied and harassed on a daily basis.  The NHS is less about the health of the population and more about working to budgets, timescales; taking time to fudge the figures to appear more effective than just getting on and doing the job to the best of your ability.  Performance management is the biggest misnomer of the modern age as managers responsible for performance are so terrified of failing, or being found out, work very hard at covering up their inadequacies by alienating the teams that work for them through bully-boy tactics.  If only they realised nurturing good working relations with all members of their team, not just those higher up the food chain, would elicit more enthusiasm and excitement for the job.


This cartoon perfectly illustrates the reason for management inefficiency; constant meetings to figure out why no work is getting done, constant meetings to justify why they are never in the office to provide actual support.  If only they would stop looking at their dashboards and spreadsheets and look at the desks, around the offices, the real world to see how much needs done.   (Do you remember when the only time you thought about a dashboard was whilst driving to work and you realised it needed cleaning).  Dashboard, smash-board; bane of my f***ing life!!


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