…all she wants is peace!

I’ve not been in the mood to write for the last few weeks. I’m still struggling with an ‘infection’ in my leg. I’ve taken a number of antibiotics (Flucloxicillan, Doxycycline and Metronidazole) all with limited effect. The doctor has now given me medicated bandages to see if this helps. So far, not feeling it; just feeling fed up with it all.  In addition to the leg problem, I started the Pregabalin but gave up after three. They made me hot, sweaty, breathless and fatigued. Wasn’t sure if related to leg, or not, but didn’t risk continuing. I’ve got the Lignocaine infusion booked for next week but again I’m anxious about going ahead because of the persisting leg infection. I feel I can only deal with one problem at a time just now.

On a more positive note, I had an assessment for a Blue Badge (disability parking ticket) earlier this week. I didn’t think it went well but I think that was because I judge myself quite harshly.  Anyway, I got an email saying I’ve been successful. Now I’ve got mixed feelings; one one hand I’m pleased ‘cos it will make things easier on my bad days, but it also reinforces my feelings of being old and decrepit. I know I’ve got to work harder at having a positive opinion of myself; after all I wouldn’t judge anyone else so harshly.

It certainly feeling very wintry now. It’s quite dark in the mornings and cold. I’m now having to put on the heating to take the chill off the rooms more and more often. I’m not very good come winter; I tend to hibernate. As soo as its dark and the curtains get drawn I have to fight against the urge to go to bed. Last night at 08:30 I had to really force myself to stay up I managed to fit his by making a lovely warming cup of hot chocolate. Only problem, when I eventually went to bed, around 10:00, I suffered horrendous restless leg syndrome; it finally subsided after I took an Ibuprofen and Zapain.

I’m writing this while I’m at work, not something I usually do but the system has crashed and I’m unable to log in to the system. Thought I’d put the time to good use. Tonight I’ve got to take wee Remi (one of our wee old twin cats) to the vet.


Poor old Remi

 She was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and has been on tablets but we’ve noticed recently her eating habits have ramped up again so we’re taking her to get her bloods checked. It’s a wee shame for her; she’s 15 years old and a wee bone, she doesn’t do very much except eat and sleep.  Her twin sister Mili seems much more robust in comparison.


Mili Minki

I’m feel nervous taking her to the vet as I know one day soon there will be nothing we can do to help her. In the meantime all we can do is make her comfortable, although every night we have to force feed her medication; it takes less than a minute but everyday I feel I’ve torturing her. Poor wee boney maroney all she wants is peace!!




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