the poor wee’s…

It felt quite traumatic this morning, we were not allowed to feed Remi from bedtime, last night which meant her puss siblings didn’t have anything to eat either.  You should have seen their wee faces.  They kept circling the kitchen, sitting in the spot where their usually full food bowls are, looking at us longingly.  I swear I heard them whisper “where’s our food, mummy?” and “don’t you love us no more, mummy?”.  It was heartbreaking.  Dave wanted to lock Remi in another room so we could feed the others but I thought that was even more cruel…poor wee Remi would hear us feeding her sisters, wondering why she was being allowed to starve to death; I couldn’t do it to her.  So they all had to starve.  However, I did ease the suffering of Popi and Mili fairly soon after (god knows where the wee yin had rushed off to); when Dave took Remi to the car I quickly shoved out some food for them.  They were so appreciative they did a little dance for me; circling my legs, and head bumping my calves.  Oh, they looked so happy, like cartoon cats with big, cheesy grins.

We then took wee Rinki-Dinki-Stinki-Ston to the vet; he’s almost certain she’s got  hypothyroidism, but he’s taken blood to make sure.  Poor wee Remi.  Hopefully she’ll get some meds which will help her; I just hope they don’t break the bank of mum and dad.  We were all relieved when it was all over, Remi got a well-deserved breakfast for being a good girl at the vet, and me and Dave were rewarded with another day a work in the heat. Yippee!  Thankfully, it was a very short day for me.  I usually work from 8:00-13:00 but I didn’t get in ’til  10:30.  I had planned to stay ’til around 14:00, but as it was so hot I thought, ‘what the fuck, I’m off home’ at my usual time.  This is the only perk to being a temp, you can be fairly flexible with your time-keeping, within reason.  However, there is a drawback leaving at lunchtime, it is very hot and stuffy in the car; the steering wheel is so hot I need oven gloves to touch it.  Thankfully 15 minutes later I’m  back home, stripped off with my hot sweaty body, cooling off in front of the fan.  Poor wee Dave will have to stay chained to his desk ’til 16:00 and then have to get the bus home with all the stinky, sweaty scumbags of Brum.  Hopefully, he will not have lost his sunny personality or his sense of humour on the way!!

Look what I found clinging to the window…


…at first I was scared, I thought it was inside; this thing was massive (the photo doesn’t really do it justice).  However, I’m really impressed with detail, I took this my iPhone 5s.  There are millions of flies just now and they all seem to be buzzing around my house.  I’m thinking of getting a bug zapper thing, that you see in restaurants and cafes, but it seems unusually cruel to electrocute them.  In previous years I’ve tried those sticky things but they are awful; you see the poor beasts struggling to get away, I think exhaustion finally kills them.  The most humane way of getting rid of them is leaving them for our little black cat, Izzi, to chase down and eat them; it also saves on cat food!

Talking of Izzi, reminds me of yesterday, the little bugger brought in a bird; it was already dead.  She placed it under my desk (while I was sitting at it) and proceeded to toss it up all over the place.  Urghhh…I didn’t want dead bird all over me so I picked it up by its wee leg,  with the kitchen tongs, and ran outside with it; I threw it in the flower bed and hoped she wouldn’t find it.  When I got back from disposing of the body, Izzi was still under my desk squeaking and looking for her bird; it took her ages to realise it was no longer there.  I did thank her for bringing mummy such a nice prezzie but told her chocolate would be fine in future.

Update to dead bird; next door’s cat, Felix, found it in the undergrowth and spent a couple of hours tossing it around in the garden as Mili and Popi looked on jealously.  Thank god, the little thing was already dead.  Cats can be such assholes.

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