Hurrah! I’ve managed to get a vet appointment for wee Stinky, Stonky, Remi-Ston tomorrow for a blood test to rule out/in hypothyroidism.  Unfortunately I’ve got to starve the wee thing from bedtime today, along with her three siblings; there are going to be a lot of unhappy, confused little puss-faces.  Remi already thinks we are starving her unless she has the following meals; pre-breakfast, breakfast, post-breakfast, pre-elevenses, elevenses, post-elevenses, pre-lunch, lunch, post-lunch, pre-afternoon tea, afternoon tea, post-afternoon tea, pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner, pre-supper, supper, post-supper; not forgetting all the in-between meal snacks.  If only we had realised before.  It wasn’t cute that she was always eating, she didn’t have hollow legs, like we joked; she was literally starving.  Hopefully the vet will be able to sort her out tomorrow, but most of all sort us out; we have been a shit mum and dad.

Today was quite stressful at work, not because of the work itself (which is piss-easy) but listening to the others in the office; they remind me how inanely stupid and short-sighted the middle management and above are.  But also how inanely stupid and short-sighted the support staff, who get stressed out implementing the ridiculous ideas of the middle management and above.  I understand now why the NHS promote the less well-educated, ‘cos they literally do as they are told.  I’m not sure if its because they are too scared or too stupid, or its in our socialisation but the majority of people just accept and carry out instruction.  Yet, the amount of time given over to debating every little aspect of the job, everybody else’s job, who got promoted, why they got promoted, why it was unfair they got promoted, and a whole range of other meaningless twaddle; if they invested that time to just doing their own job well, then everybody would be better off.  Sometimes I think selling off the NHS to private sector isn’t such a bad idea, they could cull the shit staff and get in people who are capable and willing to do the job.

There is so much nepotism and favouritism at SWBH its no wonder its a shit place to work.  Everyone is whinging about it, but are unable to see the irony of their own position; they got their job courtesy of friends or family or have helped friends or family get a job.  If I’ve heard “but… ” once, I’ve heard it a million times.  Now, maybe its because I’m not a native of Birmingham, maybe its because I don’t have an extensive network of friends and family in the West Midlands who can get me a job, but I am fucking sick of it.  I have been trying on and off for the past few years to get a permanent job in the NHS; currently I temp as a medical secretary and have moved between trusts, specialty’s etc. so I’ve gained a lot of experience, but this is not good enough.  It would seem you are not competent unless you’ve spent your entire life in one specialty, churning out the same crap with no further education or training since school.  The world of work is fucking depressing, well the reality of it is.  When are we all going to realise its just a sham to keep the little person down by making the 1% richer.  I pray for a revolution!!  Enough…

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