Hurrah! I’ve managed to get a vet appointment for wee Stinky, Stonky, Remi-Ston tomorrow for a blood test to rule out/in hypothyroidism.  Unfortunately I’ve got to starve the wee thing from bedtime today, along with her three siblings; there are going to be a lot of unhappy, confused little puss-faces.  Remi already thinks we are starving her unless she has the following meals; pre-breakfast, breakfast, post-breakfast, pre-elevenses, elevenses, post-elevenses, pre-lunch, lunch, post-lunch, pre-afternoon tea, afternoon tea, post-afternoon tea, pre-dinner, dinner, post-dinner, pre-supper, supper, post-supper; not forgetting all the in-between meal snacks.  If only we had realised before.  It wasn’t cute that she was always eating, she didn’t have hollow legs, like we joked; she was literally starving.  Hopefully the vet will be able to sort her out tomorrow, but most of all sort us out; we have been a shit mum and dad.

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