Stinky, Stonky, Remi-Ston…

Happy America Day!  Got mixed up this morning and wished my husband ‘Happy Star Wars Day’…I knew it was the 4th of something.  Anyway apologies if I’ve offended anyone, but then again, shame on you if you’re offended.  Get over yourself!!

From today I’m going to try and eat better.  So far today, I’ve had no milk,  no real bread (only spelt bread) and no chocolate.  I’m going to try and follow a LCHF meets holistic meets (to be determined at a later date) approach to food; with a few amendments ‘cos I’m not a fanatic.  I’m hoping a few small changes will go a long way, and I won’t have to go mental and give up everything I like.  I also realise this approach may bomb big style, but who knows I may be onto a winner; look out for my book and endorsements!! Anyhoo, I started the day with my hot lemon, ginger, honey and ACV drink (I’d previously tried Biona’s ACV, not good, now trying RAW Health and already I’m liking it a lot more.  I then took spelt bread toasted and spread with butter and marmite to work with a coconut latte. I’m not sure what caused it, but I had a really bad dose of indigestion; pain in my chest (I  initially thought was a heart attack) and hot sweats.

I’m reminded of an old Scottish saying my granny used –

“Where e’re ye be, let yer wind gang free”.

After a bit of jiggling in my chair I was able to loosen off a few burps, and a hot cup of water, sipped slowly, brought out the worst of it.  Thankfully, there was only one other person in the office, and she’s as deaf as a coot, so I was able to burp to my hearts content;   I felt better after about ten minutes.

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