California dreaming…

After being freezing for the last few days its now gone back to being quite hot again.  This is why we Brits are obsessed with the weather.  It changes so often; sometimes we get all seasons in one day.  It’s a pain in the arse, ‘cos you never know what to wear.  Jumpers in 90° heat is not good, likewise sandals in thunderstorms!!  My favourite seasons are autumn and spring; I don’t like it when its too hot or too cold.  Autumn isn’t that cold, so you don’t   have to wear a big winter coat and there is no snow (which I hate; except to look at) and spring is warm enough, without being too hot.  Being on the voluptuous spectrum, the heat brings a lot of problems, my lipoedema and fibromyalgia just add to the discomfort.  I struggle finding comfortable shoes at the best of times, but in the summer its more difficult ‘cos all you can find are strappy sandals, which tend to dig into my feet when they swell.  Even though I wear compression stockings there is little point having strappy sandals ‘cos most of my feet are covered; its only my toes that stick out.  I am also very self-conscious about my lippy legs and even more so, my lippy arms; so I always cover up,  I never go anywhere without a cardigan.  I can’t remember the last time my legs or arms were exposed to the sun.

I need to get my eating under control, in as much as I need to eat to lessen the pain and the  twitchiness I feel; an added bonus would be to lose weight but I try not to obsess about those numbers (easier said than done).  I think it would be better to focus on feeling  healthier.  Recently I’ve done a bit of reading around eating for health, so I’m trying to eliminate the ‘bad’ foods i.e. processed foods.  I’m also trying to eat more organic food even though it is quite expensive, in comparison.  I keep telling myself my health is too important to put a price on.  And, if I pay for quality food now maybe further down the line it will ‘pay off’, with less illness as I get older.  Maybe I will be able to reverse some of the errors of my youth.  In my research I’ve come across information regarding, LCHF, Paleo, Clean Eating; there are some interesting ideas out there.  The problem is which one is right for me?  And there are so many righteous wankers out there who’s virtuousness  made me puke.  I did dabble with LCHF last year, I felt better on it but didn’t really lose any weight (at that time I was all fixated by the numbers).  As with any eating habit I find it difficult to fully commit in the beginning, preferring to take it slowly, adding new things in and removing some of the bad.  The problem with that way of doing it, is your neither one thing nor the other, but to commit wholeheartedly in the beginning takes a lot of preparation and it becomes expensive ‘cos you’ve got to clear out the old to make way for the new, and some of the new sounds bizarre.  I remember thinking for weeks I should try bullet proof coffee, but it sounded awful; coffee with coconut oil and butter.  OMG! Yet when I got round to trying it I was pleasantly surprised, it tasted yummy and by adding a little double cream it took it to another level.

I sometimes think the problem with Paleo or clean eating etc. is it lends itself to somewhere like Florida or California, where it is warm and sunny most days.  Eating salad and chomping on fruit seems normal, almost acceptable, but in Birmingham, we have about two weeks of warm and sunny weather a year, and not at the same time, it is intermittent, spread over the twelve months of the year.  So salad, is something you only have on hot days, when the sun is shining and you are able to open the windows and the doors to let the cool air in.  Otherwise, its windows shut, doors locked, stodgy food; toast, pasta or potatoes, something to warm you up on the inside to save you having to put the heating on in August.  Oh fuck, I’ve just realised I’m destined to be fat, achy and ill, unless I move to California or the likes.  Shame I just re-mortgaged the house to get a new bathroom!!

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