Comfy shoes…

Another Saturday almost over and I’ve not achieved as much as I’d have liked.  I’m trying to de-clutter the house.  Its a long, slow process, it is unbelievable how much crap I’ve accumulated (by crap I mean stuff; some of it is still useful, but not to me).  Unfortunately I’ve got to go through everything, my husband, Dave, and I end up debating almost every item; keep, throw, charity, eBay.  Long drawn out discussions about the merit of something.  My problem; as I’ve spent hard-earned cash on things and I feel bad just throwing them out, especially if someone else can get some use out of it.  Just because I longer want or need it, doesn’t mean it is automatically landfill.  Dave thinks it should just be taken to the tip; he just wants it out of the way.  Out of sight our of mind.  I wish I could be more like that; my compromise has been to box everything up and put it in the loft to debate another day and only get rid of the things we definitely don’t need or want or are broken.

We live in such a disposable society, things are either replaced, long before they are worn out, or things don’t last as long as they should.  My mum has got clothes in her wardrobe that are older than my niece who is 19 years, and they are still in good nick.  She still uses towels, given to her as a wedding present, over 50 years ago.  My clothes seem to disintegrate after being washed a couple of times; my towels aren’t too bad but I don’t think they will last 50 years, the threads are all pulling and unraveling already.  Is that because things used to be of better quality, or because my mum knows how to look after things and take better care of them than I do, or is modern technology, washing machines and tumble dryers, are adding to the problem.  I think its a combination of everything.

I remember as a kid having one, possibly two, pairs of shoes; good, solid, ugly school shoes and cheap, kicking about shoes.  My school shoes lasted forever, it didn’t matter how much you scuffed them, jumped in puddles etc. the leather always buffed up well.  They were solid.  Nowadays, shoes have lightweight plastic soles and you can feel every pebble underfoot, the leather (if it is leather) is so thin and tightly stretched, a good clean with polish and a bristle brush would destroy it.  I long for my school shoes now, they were indestructible, solid, and comfy; who cares if they were ugly you could walk around in them all day without having sore, sweaty, smelly feet at the end of the day.

Update 14/07/2017:

I have since discovered FitFlops®, recommended to me by a work colleague.  I have been wearing ‘Kys’ for about a week now and I am very pleased with them overall.  It does take a bit of getting used to as the shoes make you feel unstable on your feet and they are a bit higher off the ground than I’m used to, so I’m a bit wary of going over and knackering my ankle (this has not happened, yet).  Due to the different walking experience I initially had some extra aches and pains in my joints, I think this is slowly getting better although my knees still feel a bit off.  I am not worried about this ‘cos I have had aches and pains in my joints, especially the knee, for a long time now.  Its early days but I feel it has even improved this as I’m not struggling as much to get upstairs.  I was very fortunate that I was able to buy these shoes at 75% off otherwise I don’t think I’d have been too keen to pay around £80 for them.  I have in the past spent this kind of money on shoes believing they would be the answer to my prayers only to find out they didn’t quite deliver.  Here’s hoping FitFlops® are truly the answer to my prayers.


My shoe saviour…hopefully!

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