I had a bad start to the day as I’d had trouble sleeping.  I was kept awake worrying about one of my older cats, Remi, who seems a bit delicate at the moment.  She’s quite old (15 years) and sometimes she takes it upon herself to act like a complete Wazok (avoiding food).  Anyway, I didn’t manage to start the day with the hot lemon drink as planned, so I ended up with a coconut milk latte, some spelt toast, butter and Marmite.

After finishing my five hours work (I’m a temporary medical secretary in a hospital) I planned to pick up some ‘szoupa soup’ (new cat food soup pouches) for Remi, to see if these would entice her to eat.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any in the local shop so I ended up having to take a trip to the local supermarket.  These shops exhausting; there is way too much stuff, most of it ‘frankenfood’, but having had no lunch, it all looked appealing.  I succumbed to crisps and chocolate just to stave off the hunger.  This was not a good idea as it gave me ‘shoogly’ leg syndrome; that feeling when something is crawling around under your skin and making my legs ache and jerk around.  However, it was not a wasted trip, Remi did at least eat some of the soup, so did her siblings; Popi, Mili and Izzi.

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